Shoulder Pain Can Have Many Causes

Anyone can experience shoulder injuries, and many do. Whether competing in sports, having a physically demanding job or working around the house and yard these injuries cause pain and limit movement and function.

Grouped together, the major shoulder muscles are called the “rotator cuff”. These muscles perform most of the movements of your shoulder and if one muscle is injured you can experience localized pain, plus pain from the resulting limitation of shoulder movement.

Some common descriptions used by patients with shoulder injuries include: not being able to sleep on their side, pain with movements above shoulder height, pain with reaching or twisting the arm, or feeling like the arm is weak or unstable.

If you experience any of these symptoms, the chiropractors at Kamloops Active Health can help you. Through careful examination they diagnose your injury, treat the affected muscles and then put together a personalized rehabilitation program to restore strength, function, and movement.

Next time you experience shoulder pain call the chiropractors at Kamloops Active Health. Dr McCall and Dr Brise have both received training in ART®, a soft tissue technique that is ideal for treating many shoulder and rotator cuff injuries, and they have the rehabilitation knowledge to give you specific exercises to restore your shoulder’s function.

NOTE: This article is for general information purposes only, and is NOT intended to replace the examination and advice of a Registered Health Care Provider.