Chiropractic at Kamloops Active Health

Doctors of Chiropractic receive a minimum of 7-8 years of education, including such areas as anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology, biomechanics, radiology and joint adjusting techniques. We are also required to complete continuing education hours every year to maintain our license.

Chiropractors are trained to diagnose and treat the various joints throughout the body, along with various muscle, tendon and nerve dysfunctions.

A chiropractor’s main form of treatment consists of manipulation or adjustments. This helps to restore mobility to joints that have become stiff or jammed due to a trauma, repetitive trauma or just day to day activity. By restoring this movement we can improve functionality and decrease unwanted symptoms.

In addition to this the chiropractors at Kamloops Active Health provide some soft tissue therapy, and at home advice for personalized stretches and exercises. We place our emphasis on active care. This means an important part of our treatment plans is giving our patients the tools to maintain a healthy state of living. We also teach our patients what to look for so they know when they need another visit.

Your visit to a Kamloops Active Health Chiropractor

Case History – A thorough review of your present condition, past history and overall health. That way we can determine how best to help you and refer you to the appropriate health professional for conditions we don’t treat.

Examination – Identification of the problem via specific tests.

X-ray – If needed we can obtain any imaging you have had done and go over your results with you.

Diagnosis – Our clinical assessment of your condition combining information from your history, examination, x-rays with our professional knowledge of how the body functions.

Patient Education – We will explain what is causing your symptoms so that you may make an educated decision about your treatment options.

Treatment – May include joint manipulation or mobilization (a slower maneuver), soft tissue therapy (like Active Release Techniques®), exercise and/or stretching program designed specifically for you.

Chiropractic adjustment