Written by: Dr. Katie Hamilton ND, BHK

– Naturopathic Doctor

Perfection. It drives us and it paralyzes. It creates a goal that will never be reached but somehow always exists to taunt us to be more, to try harder, to accept that what you are now is not enough. And what defines this destination is fleeting, ever evolving. Once you get to the place you think perfection lives, suddenly it’s moved to a place you can no longer see. And the circle continues and the not enoughs accumulate.

Not enough is a struggle for many of us and for me, one of the main reasons I fear to be seen. I fear to fail and moreover, fear to be seen while failing.

I see this and how it shrinks my outlook, my dreams and my reality. I see it from the outside and what it does to others who look so different to me than they do to themselves. I oppose it so strongly it makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck thinking of my own children ever judging themselves this way.

What’s the point? If we suddenly accepted that who we are is enough, would we all just give up? If we leapt and fell, and there were people around to see that, would we really fall further? Every inch of my being knows that I don’t have to live this way, and yet everyday that struggle is there.

I believe in hard work. I believe in raw authenticity. I believe that in failure lies growth. I have fallen before and I will fall again but I will not keep hiding. I am strong, intelligent, conflicted, caring, imperfect. I am me. And it’s enough.

What if, just tor today, we were all enough?