Multiple Approaches to Solving Knee Pain

Knee pain can be due to a trauma or can result from compensatory stress from joints above or below. If you have injured your knee playing sports, twisting, or just working around the house chances are you’ve strained/sprained one of the muscles or ligaments surrounding the knee. There are many ways to treat this type of injury including the soft tissue technique Active Release (ART®), done by the chiropractors at Kamloops Active Health.

If there is no specific trauma associated with your knee pain and it started gradually, it is more likely due as a result to strain placed on the knee due to dysfunction in either the hip and pelvis or the foot and ankle. A full assessment of all these joints is important to localize where the problem is coming from so it can be treated appropriately.

Specific rehabilitation programs also play a key role in resolving knee complaints. Programs can be designed to re-train and strengthen the knee after such things as patello-femoral pain syndrome (runners knee), ACL/MCL(ligamentous) sprains and IT Band syndrome. With conditions such as Osteoarthritis affecting the knee joint, treatment can greatly reduce pain and improve functionality in a joint that is stiff and sore.

If your knee pain is due to trauma, an old injury or arthritis that has crept up on you, your Kamloops Chiropractors Dr. Brise and Dr. McCall may be able to help!

NOTE: This article is for general information purposes only, and is NOT intended to replace the examination and advice of a Registered Health Care Provider.