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Kamloops Active Health Offers More Than “Cracking” Your Back!

Traditionally chiropractors have been thought of as neck and back doctors, but in reality chiropractors are trained to treat a variety of conditions affecting the joints, and the muscles and nerves throughout the body. In fact, we are able to help with numerous aches and pains, acute or chronic, from head to toe across the lifespan. We value collaborative care in health care and will happily provide any information regarding your care to your other medical practitioners if desired.

  • Do you experience pain in you joints, muscles or tendons?
  • Do you have neck or back pain?
  • Did you injure yourself at work?
  • Do you experience limited movement in some area of your body?
  • Have you experienced a car accident that has affected your comfort or the way in which your body moves?
  • Have you strained an area of your body during a workout?
  • Do you have a tendonitis or repetitive injury from home or work or play?
  • Do you have sore or painful feet?
  • Are you experiencing discomfort or pain during pregnancy?
  • Has one of your children fallen or injured themselves?
  • Do you have pain of unknown origin?
  • Would you like someone who explains your body and x-rays to you?
  • Would you like to learn more about appropriate activity and exercise following injury?
  • Do you need an exercise or rehabilitation program for an existing injury?
  • Do you need wheelchair access?
  • Would you like a family orientated clinic?
  • Do you need care through WCB or ICBC?

If you have other questions regarding how we might help, please contact us at 250-372-8856 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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