Back Pain and Pregnancy:
Chiropractic Treatment Can Help!

During pregnancy, most women will experience pain and discomfort as their bodies adapt to the changes taking place inside. As many as 50-80% of women will experience low back pain during pregnancy.

There are a couple of key changes that can cause back pain during pregnancy. First, increased levels of the hormone relaxin cause ligaments to stretch more than usual, increasing strain on the joints of your spine and pelvis. Next, weight gain, especially the weight added to the belly, will change your posture and increase strain on the spine and pelvis.

The chiropractors at Kamloops Active Health have been trained to work with women who are pregnant. The techniques we use are appropriate for people of all ages, and can be adapted as needed during pregnancy.

Your chiropractor may use a variety of techniques to ease pregnancy-related pain, including: spinal adjustments, massage techniques, therapeutic exercises and stretches, and lifestyle and nutrition advice. Often, the chiropractor will use a special table or pillow to increase the comfort of the pregnant woman, and may use more gentle treatment techniques.

You can choose to see your chiropractor on a regular basis during pregnancy, or only when you are experiencing discomfort – your chiropractor will discuss treatment options at the time of your appointment. Your chiropractor  will discuss all available treatment options to determine what works best for YOU! Often our patients are co-managed with other medical practitioners, and we welcome collaboration with all health care providers involved in your care! Please feel free to call us at 250-372-8856 if you have any questions!

NOTE: This article is for general information purposes only, and is NOT intended to replace the examination and advice of a registered health care provider.